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Have you been thinking about putting in a new pool cover or a replacement cover to end the season?

Life Saver North New Jersey installs pool safety covers into New Jersey pools to help homeowners like you keep your pool area safer and debris free during the often harsh winters in the Northeast. Our local installer uses a fine-tuned installation process guaranteeing your cover will fit while making the process easy on your family. We offer:

  • Stock pool covers
  • Custom pool covers
  • Replacement pool covers

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Why Us? We guarantee your pool cover will fit. We can estimate and install relatively quickly, and we provide FREE estimates for you.

Some other reasons to call us for a Free Pool Cover Estimate?

  • Virtual estimates available. Contactless installations.
  • We install the highest quality brands to keep your family and pets safe!
  • We take measurements upfront or re-order replacement covers based on your previous order.
  • Work with the Owner, a family run business
  • Pool Safety experts for over 10 years
  • Over 10 years experience in pool related installations.
  • We clean up before we leave. Your home will be clean and polished when we leave!


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    Should I get a Mesh or Solid cover?

    The choice is up to you. We offer pool safety covers made of either mesh or solid material. And we only install the best, safest covers on your pool. Full details are below.

    How we install the  safety pool cover into your New Jersey home?

    Regardless of the type of pool cover you purchase, your cover will be anchored to the surface, concrete deck, or ground around your pool with straps that pull the cover taut over the pool. By doing this, the safety cover is able to sustain the amount of weight required by the ASTM. The straps are then attached to springs and anchored to recessed brackets, which can be installed into a variety of materials including concrete, brick, asphalt, earth, or wood.

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    Loop Loc Pool Covers

    Also known as “The Elephant Cover” a Loop Loc pool cover is the safest and strongest mesh pool cover on the market. No other pool safety cover can meet such high-quality standards. This pool cover has

    double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps which means it has a high break strength. They are also made with high-strength, non-corrosive type 302 grade stainless steel springs which allow for a higher weight-bearing capacity.

    The mesh construction of this pool cover allows rain and melting snow to drain right through the cover. Due to the lightweight nature of this cover, this pool cover is easy for homeowners to both install and remove. The Loop Loc pool cover also comes in the standard green or optional upgraded designer colors.

    Loop Loc pool cover New Jersey

    Meyco Pool Covers

    A winter pool cover is an important investment for your home and family’s safety. A Meyco pool cover is an ideal pool cover since it is made of quality polypropylene fabric, strong thread, and the most durable hardware. The Meyco pool cover provides sturdy pool protection and doesn’t require the use of water bags or pillows. This pool cover also makes for fast, easy pool openings during pool season.

    Meyco pool cover installation New Jersey

    Our pool cover installation process includes:

    1. FREE Consultation
    2. Measurements
    3. Finalization of price
    4. Approval by customers
    5. Order placement
    6. Scheduling of installation date
    7. Pool cover installation
    8. Post-service support, if needed

    Why You Need A Pool Safety Cover for Your New Jersey Pool

    Many homeowners incorrectly believe that a solar pool cover during the summer or winter months will provide enough protection. Not all types of pool cover can help prevent drowning from occurring. In fact, some pool covers can actually pose more danger to young children since they can easily collapse around a child and trap them should they try to crawl or stand on it.

    When it comes to pool cover safety standards, the American Society for Testing and Materials requires that pool covers must be capable of holding a minimum of 485 pounds per five square feet in order to be qualified as a safety cover. The ASTM F1346 also states that a pool safety cover must not have any opening that is large enough to allow a test object to pass through. A pool cover must also be able to pass the Surface Drainage Test which protects the cover from large, potentially dangerous pools of water collecting on the surface of the cover. Should this occur, these pools of water can pose a threat to a young child since drowning is possible even in a few inches of water.

    The good news is the pool covers installed by our team meet all of these requirements and will provide your family with the protection you need.

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