7 Layers of Protection to Help Avoid Swimming Pool Drowning Accidents

Swimming in your pool on a hot sunny day is supposed to be enjoyable. Pulling a loved one out of a pool is the furthest thing from a person’s mind when you just want to relax and have some fun with friends and loved ones.

You still can have an enjoyable time in the pool, you just need to take extra precaution, especially when children are present.

Swimming pool accidental drownings are life-threatening for small children, and the leading cause of death for children from age 1-4. Approximately, 390 children drown annually, according to the CDC.

Life Saver North New Jersey is helping people save lives by educating our customers about the importance of pool safety with the 7 Layers of Protection:

Layer #1: First, make sure to install a pool fence to act as a barricade around your pool. A fence will help protect toddlers, small children and pets from accessing the pool unattended. The pool fence should be at least 4 ft high so that young children are unable to climb.

Layer #2: Get door locks and pool alarms to help keep your swimming pool supervised around the clock.

Layer #3: Infants, toddlers and children should be trained on how to swim properly. It is highly recommended that children learn to swim at an early age.

Layer #4: Whenever there are small children around your pool, there should always be a responsible adult present to watch the children at all times. Consider choosing a designated pool watcher.

Layer #5: Check the swimming pool first whenever a child or a pet is missing.

Layer #6: Everyone in your household should be trained in CPR, including babysitters, caretakers, grandparents and pool watchers.

Layer #7: Never take pool safety lightly, it’s okay to be overzealous. Educate family members and friends about the importance of pool safety.

In addition to the 7 layers of protection, make sure the follow these important safety tips:

  • Make sure swimming towels, toys, and other items are far away from the pool patio area.
  • Make sure you have proper drainage covers.
  • Never place electrical appliances in the pool.

In addition, make sure no one runs around the patio area, especially when it’s wet.

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