Critter Fence/Garden Fence New Jersey

Keep your pets in and other unwanted critters out with a Life Saver mesh fence.

Ever hear stories about people finding dead animals in their pool? Or, maybe it’s happened to you. It’s not only disturbing to find a dead critter floating around in your pool, it’s a health hazard!

Many wild animals are dangerous physically and can harm you, your family, and even your pets. This can all be avoided by installing a critter fence/garden fence to keep wild animals, such as skunks, raccoons, wild cats, wild dogs, rabbits, deer, and other animals far away.

If you’ve got wild animals roaming around your backyard, it can be a nuisance. Install a mesh critter fence to keep them out of your pool!

Although we want to protect wildlife animals, they have plenty of space to roam elsewhere — it doesn’t have to be in your backyard.

At Life Saver North New Jersey, we install mesh pool fences. Custom length and bordered meshes are applied in custom heights for your aluminum rail fences that will keep animals out of the pool area while still letting you enjoy the scenery!

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Install A Rabbit Fence – Keep Bunnies Away From Your Pool & Backyard

Rabbits are adorable and fun to watch (sometimes) but they can be a pest in your yard. They will eat all of the flowers, make noise with family pets, and cause you mild stress by just hopping along across your fence into someone else’s property!

If this sounds like something that would happen on more than an occasional basis for you then it might be worth investing in mesh fencing, adding netting around flowerbeds, and other important landscaping features.

It may seem expensive at first glance but think about how much time is being saved not having to deal with bunnies destroying things every day–not only yours, mind you!

Small Pets Need Mesh Fence For Added Protection!

Getting a garden fence installed can be an effective way to keep pets out of your private backyard, but if you don’t take precautions like installing a gate or filling in any gaps under the fence it may not work. This is particularly true for small dogs who are prone to wriggling their way through spaces that other animals might have trouble with and put themselves at risk when they do this.

Do you have an aluminum rail fence around your pool or yard that is a great barrier for children, yet leaves small pets at risk of escape? Luckily, we can offer options to secure your best friend whether the fence is made of wood or metal.

Our 87% translucent Textilene mesh can add an extra layer of security for all your pets. Best of all, we can apply mesh to your existing rail fence and help keep your pets in the yard. Another advantage of using our mesh fence material is that it’s hardly noticeable to you.

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